What is Date and Time Format in Excel?

I am sure that every excel user like you 😉 frequently work with dates and times in excel. Some may follow the excel date format in DD-MM-YYYY (like in India) and others may follow MM-DD-YYYY (like in US). Similarly, the time may be in HH:MM or HH:MM:SS format in excel.

But do you know how excel understands and interprets the dates and times in the backend? Probably your answer is NO!

No worries 😎 In this tutorial, we would learn everything about what excel does behind the scenes while you enter any date and time in the excel cell.

Here we go 😎

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19 Everyday Use Excel VBA Codes

19 Everyday Use Excel VBA Codes

While working with excel, there are many excel tasks that you cannot perform using inbuilt Excel features and functions. Or accomplishing those tasks using Excel inbuilt features and functions may be a time-consuming and boring job. Surprisingly, Excel VBA Code can help you. In this blog, In this blog, I would like to share 19 of those most useful and everyday used excel VBA Codes that can make your excel task quick and easy.

Do you Need Excel VBA Codes Knowledge?

Answer is to this is – No 😎

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“Arrow Keys Not Working in Excel” – Solved

If you want to move your active excel cell from one cell to another, you probably have three different ways. You may directly click on the cell using your mouse, or you may navigate using the keyboard arrow keys, and many more. However, the best and the most comfortable way is to use the keyboard arrow keys. Do you agree with this? I am sure, your answer is – YES 😎 However, sometimes while you are using the arrow keys it does not move from one cell to another cell. Instead of taking you to one cell right or left, the entire worksheet area moves. In this blog, we would unlock the answer to this question – ‘Why the arrow keys are not working in my excel?

The reason for this is that you have mistakenly turned on or enable the Scroll Lock in Excel. So the solution is now quite simple. You need to disable or turn off the scroll lock in excel, and your problem is solved.

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How to Lookup on Picture in Excel

In one of our previous blog, we had unlocked the technique to insert and lock the picture into cells in Excel. So, let us move one step further. In this blog, we would learn to create a dynamic image or picture lookup such that we can lookup on the picture in excel based on the value in the cell without using any VBA code. With this, as the cell value changes, the picture placed in the adjacent cell changes.

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Insert or Lock Image or Picture In Cell in Excel

Excel is generally said to be used for making complex calculations with formula and other functions. However, many times you may need to insert an image and picture in excel worksheet to give a visual representation of what is written in the excel. In this blog, we would learn how to insert an image or picture in an Excel cell. We would also unlock the technique to lock an image or picture into an excel cell such that when we resize or filter the cells containing the image, the picture automatically gets resized or filtered along with that cell.

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