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Free ExcelUnlocked Pivot Table Excel Feature Course

Welcome to the Free Pivot Table Course in Excel by ExcelUnlocked !! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pivot Table in Excel is an amazing feature provided by excel that is used to quickly create summary reports based on thousands of rows of data in excel.

To use the pivot table excel feature, you do not need to have any prior knowledge about complex excel formulas. It is simply a mouse drag and drop activity and the summary pivot report is ready. Anybody who is fresh and new to Excel can also create a pivot table.

Free ExcelUnlocked Pivot Table Course

Index on Free Pivot Table Excel Course – Basics To Advanced

On this page, as you go down, you can find links to various pivot-table topics in Excel. Click on each of the topic headers in a sequence to explore the benefits of the pivot table feature to its fullest.

It covers everything about pivot table from Basics to advanced excel pivot table features.

In each of these posts, you would find a sample downloadable excel file (a download button). I recommend you to download the files and practice on the downloaded file as you read the topic.

Following Pivot Table Excel topics are covered in this course:

Quick Overview On Pivot Table in Excel

This post explains some basics above the pivot table. We would get an insight above what is pivot table feature in Excel and how to navigate to this feature. We would also understand the Pivot Table Fields Window and its structure.

How to Create and Use Pivot Table Feature in Excel

In this section, we would see how to create pivot table in excel. In this particular blog, I have added four examples on pivot table with moving images to better understand the feature and its utility and advantages.

Excel Pivot Table Grand Total and Subtotal

In this particular tutorial, we would go through the grand total and subtotal feature of Pivot table. We would learn to create, format, and delete pivot table grand total and subtotal. Additionally, we would also unlock the technique to insert or remove the blank line in the pivot table in excel.

Pivot Table – Group Dates by Years, Months, etc.

Over here we would unlock the technique to group dates in the pivot table by years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds in Excel. We would also learn how to group the dates by weeks in the excel pivot table.

Pivot Table – Group Numbers and Create Range

In this section, we would learn how to create range or intervals in pivot table header rows and columns to group the pivot table data by values.

How to Delete the Pivot Table in Excel

Here we would go through three scenarios of deleting pivot table. We would learn how to delete the entire pivot table (along with data), delete only pivot table (and not the data inside it), and delete only the data inside the pivot table (but not pivot table).

How to Refresh Pivot Table in Excel

The pivot table does not automatically change or refresh itself when source data is changed. You have to manually refresh the pivot table. This is what we would learn in this section.

Replace Blank Cells with Zeros in Excel Pivot Table

When the pivot table source table contains blank data, the pivot table shows it as blank instead of zero. This is the default excel setting, but you can change this, using the steps shown in this tutorial.

Apply Conditional Formatting to Excel Pivot Table

Conditional Formatting also works with Pivot Table. In this section, we would learn to use conditional formatting in Excel, and also learn about how to make it dynamic.

I regularly keep on updating this free ExcelUnlocked Pivot Table tutorial with new posts on Pivot Table.

Happy reading !! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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