Doughnut Chart in Excel – Single, Double, Format

In the recent blog, we learned how Pie Charts in Excel work. The limitation of the Pie charts is that we can represent only one data series with them. Doughnut Chart in Excel covers this limitation. So let’s get started 8D

What is a Doughnut Chart

Doughnut Chart contains data series in the form of pie which has a hole in it at the center. The chart visualizes the percentage contribution of each category in the data series. It also has the ability to showcase multiple data series on one chart. The multiple data series would be represented by concentric (with common centers) pies with a common hole at the center of the data series.

Example 1 – Representing Single Data Series on Doughnut Chart

A Doughnut Chart with single data series is the same as the Pie Chart. Let us say we have the yearly sale of different products of a company as follows:-

Inserting a Doughnut Chart raw data

To insert the chart, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Select the range of cells A2:B9
  • On the ribbon, move to the Insert tab.
  • Click on the Pie Button under the Charts Group.
  • Select the Doughnut Chart from there.
Inserting a Doughnut Chart in Excel step 2

This will insert a Doughnut Chart with default formatting in the current worksheet like this.

Inserting a Doughnut Chart in Excel result

Example 2 – Creating a Double Doughnut Chart

Double Doughnut Chart has the power to represent two data series. In the first example, we had taken the sales of 2018. In this example, the source data is as follows:-

creating double doughnut chart in excel raw data

Here we have sales for two years which will result in two data series. Select the range of cells A2:C9 and insert the chart from the Charts Group in the Insert tab as follows.

double doughnut chart in excel result

Here the outer Doughnut represents series 2 while the inner Doughnut represents series 1.

infographics Doughnut Chart in Excel

Adding the Names of Data Series in Double Doughnut Chart

We have not added the series name to the above chart i.e 2018, 2019. In order to add the series name, right-click on the chart. Choose the Select Data option from the shortcut menu.

adding data series name for the chart

Select Series1 and then click on the Edit button. In the Edit Series Dialog box, select cell B1 (2018). Repeat the steps to add C2 (2019) as the name of series 2.

Changing the Hole Size

We can change the size of the center blank hole in a Doughnut Chart. Moreover, the chart readability increases. To do so, select the doughnut on the chart and press ctrl+1

changing hole size of doughnut chart in excel

Navigate to Series Options in the Format Data Series pane and set the hole size. Decreasing the hole size will increase the radii of Doughnuts.

Changing the Angle of Slices

The default angle of the first data point/slice is set to zero degrees. We can change the angle of the doughnut slices by simply selecting the data series and changing the angle of the first slice.

changing the angle of slices in doughnut chart

For now, we are not changing the angle of slices.

Formatting the Data Series

We can format each of the Doughnut Slices. To do so, double click on any doughnut slice to select it and press ctrl+1.

formatting the data series in a doughnut chart in excel

Navigate to the Fill tab in the Format Data Point pane. Choose the Solid Fill Color.

However you should keep the pane open and click on other slices on the chart to change their fill color, This is our final chart.

formatting the data series in a doughnut chart in excel result

Doughnut Chart with Multiple Data Series

Let us update the source data we used earlier by adding a few more years. This would result in multiple data series plots.

This is how a Multiple Doughnut Chart looks.

multiple doughnut chart in exce

Consequently. here comes the end of the blog. Thank you for reading 8D

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