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Pie Chart in Excel – Inserting, Formatting, Filters, Data Labels

The Pie Chart in Excel is the most commonly used and simplest of the charts that are used in projects analysis. Let us think of a fruit pie. The slices of that pie become the data categories that make up the whole pie. Let us understand its usage in Microsoft Excel.

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What is Pie Chart in Excel

A Pie Chart shows the percentage contribution of different data categories in the whole pie. A pie chart implicitly converts the numerical data values into their corresponding percentages. The angle at the center of each slice would indicate its percentage ratio. In other words, we can say that the greater is the angle, the more is its percentage contribution for that data point.

pie chart in excel example

Important Points to be Marked

The following points are very important to know before using the pie charts in excel:-

  • There are no Horizontal and Vertical Axis in a Pie Chart. As a result, the central angle would represent the proportions.
  • If the data series to be represented in the chart contains any irrelevant value like:
    • The Text Strings would give a zero ( ignored ).
    • A logical TRUE returns 1 in the chart while a logical FALSE returns 0 (ignored).
    • The chart would consider the absolute ( positive ) value for any negative value in the data
  • The total of percentages of the data point in the pie chart would be 100% in all cases.
  • Consequently, we can add Data Labels on the pie chart to show the numerical values of the data points.
  • We can use Pie Charts to represent:
    • ratio of population of male and female of a country.
    • proportion of online/offline payment modes of a local car rental company.
    • ratio of dine in / delivery and takeaway orders of a restaurant.
    • proportion of participation of Gandhi/Nehru/Tagore/Subhash House students in extra activities of a class.
    • ratio of number of voters of different age groups.

Example of Pie Chart in Excel

Let us say we want to analyze the monthly screen time of a mobile phone used on an average of 6 hours/day. Below are the hours consumed on different applications:-

inserting pie chart in excel raw data

To insert a Pie Chart, follow these steps:-

  • Select the range of cells A1:B7
  • Go to Insert tab.
  • In the charts group, Select the pie chart button
  • Click on pie chart in 2D chart section.
inserting pie chart in excel step 1
infographics Pie Chart in Excel

Adding Data Labels

The default pie chart inserted in the above section is:-

inserting pie chart in excel step 2

From this chart, we can come up to applications usage order, but can’t read the exact contributions. To add Data Labels, Click on the + icon on the top right corner of the chart and mark the data label checkbox. You can also unmark the legends as we will add legend keys in the data labels.

adding data labels to pie chart in excel

We can also format these data labels to show both percentage contribution and legend:-

  • Right click on the Data Labels on the chart.
  • Click on Format Data Labels option.
formatting data labels of a pie chart in excel

Consequently, this will open up the Format Data Labels pane on the right of the excel worksheet.

  • Mark the Category Name, Percentage and Legend Key. Also mark the labels position at Outside End.

This is how the chark looks.

formatting data labels of a pie chart in excel result

Formatting the Chart Background, Chart Styles

We can format the chart in many possible ways.

Formatting Slices of Pie

The Slices of Pie are the data categories. We can format each one of them or all at once:-

  • Click on the Instagram slice of the pie chart to select the instagram
  • Go to format tab
  • (optional step) In the Current Selection group, choose data series “hours”. This will select all the slices of pie chart.
  • Click on Format Selection Button.
formatting pie chart data slices step 1

As a result, the Format Data Point pane opens. Now choose the fill color for Instagram:-

formatting pie chart data slices step 2

You can also adjust the position of angle for each slice from here:-

adjusting the angle of pie chart

Using the same formatting method, we can change the formatting of each data point/category one by one. The chart background can be changed by selecting Chart Area in the Current Selection Group ( Format Tab).

result of formatting pie chart in excel

Applying Chart Styles

To use pre-built chart styles for pie charts simply click on the icon below + on the top right corner of the chart and choose the chart style.

changing chart style in excel

For now, we are keeping the formatting done in the prior section.

Filtering the Pie Chart

We can apply a filter to the Pie chart without making any change to its source data. Click on the Pie chart and click on the last funnel icon.

filtering the pie chart in excel

We are un marking Facebook and Youtube Check box. Click on Apply button to get filtered results on the pie chart.

filtering the pie chart in excel result

Consequently, the chart does not represent the data of Youtube and Facebook.

This brings us to the end of the blog.

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