Printing Comments in Excel – Quick Guide

Printing in Excel is one of the tasks that an excel user often performs. However, whenever you print any excel worksheet, the comments in the cells does not print along with it. Reason – By default, the printing comments feature in excel is disabled in Excel. You need to enable a setting for this in order to print comments in Excel.

Sample Data

Below is the sample image that we are going to use.

Sample Data - Print Comments in Excel

Click on the Download button below to download the sample file and practice as you read.

Ways To Printing Comments in Excel

There are two possible ways in which comments get printed in Excel, listed below:

  • Print Comments as it is (i.e. as it looks in excel worksheet)
  • Print Comments on the last page (i.e. at the end)

Both these options are available in the ‘Page Layout’ tab in the Excel ribbon bar.

Let us now unlock each of these ways one by one. Make sure that you have downloaded the excel file for practice using the Download button above.

There is one prerequisite to print all or selected comments as it looks.

Prerequisite to Print Comments as it looks

  • Make All Comments Visible – To make all the comments visible, go to the Review tab, and click on the option that says – ‘Show All Comments‘ under the ‘Comments‘ group.
Show All Comments
  • Make Selected Comment Visible – To make only some or selected comments visible, select the cells containing the comments to be printed and then go to the Review tab. Under the ‘Comments‘ group and click on the option that says – ‘Show/Hide Comment‘.
Show/Hide Comment

Once the comments are visible on the screen, we are good to start with printing these comments. Follow the undermentioned steps to achieve the same.

Firstly, go to the ‘Page Layout‘ tab under the Excel ribbon bar and click on the ‘Page Setup‘ dialog box launcher. This is the small icon on the bottom-right corner of the ‘Page Setup‘ group, as highlighted below.

Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher

As a result, the ‘Page Setup‘ dialog box would pop out on your screen. In here, go to the last tab that says – Sheet.

In the ‘Print‘ section, select the option ‘As displayed on Sheet‘ from the ‘Comments‘ drop-down.

Page Setup Dialog Box

Click on the ‘Print Preview‘ button to check the preview of setting change made.

Print Preview for As Displayed on Sheet

Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button to save this setting change. Now, you are ready for final paper printing with comments.

Print Comments in Excel

No Prerequisite Needed Here

Unlike the above way, in order to print comments at the end on the last page, there is no need to have the comments visible on the sheet. Even if the comments are hidden, this technique would work.

Similar to the above method, first you need to make some setting change and then go for printing the sheet.

To achieve this, open the ‘Page Setup‘ dialog box using the ‘Page Setup’ dialog box launcher, and navigate to the ‘Sheet‘ tab.

In the ‘Print‘ section, select the option ‘At End of Sheet‘ from the ‘Comments‘ drop-down, as shown below.

Page Setup Dialog Box #2

And click on the ‘OK’ button to activate this setting change.

If you look at the preview of this page, you would notice that the excel displays the comments at the end of all the worksheets like below:

Print Preview for At the End of Sheet

Using this method, excel lists all the comments at one place in the printout, with the following details-

  • Address of the cell in which the comment is entered.
  • Author of the Comment and
  • Comment content

By this, we have reached to the end of this blog. Do share your views and thought on this blog in the comment section below.

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