Multiple Ways to Insert Degree Symbol in Excel

Have you ever wondered how to insert a degree symbol in an excel cell?

If not, then you are in a right blog.

In this blog, We would unlock multiple ways using which you can insert a degree symbol in excel worksheet.

  1. Symbol Dialog Box to insert degree symbol
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Using CHAR() formula
  4. Copy and Paste function

Now, in the coming sections, we would go through each of these methods.

Insert Degree Symbol – Symbol Dialog Box

The insert symbols feature in excel is an inbuilt function provided by Microsoft in its office utilities which can be used to insert tons of symbols and special characters in Excel. Follow the undermentioned steps to use this feature and add a degree symbol in a cell in Excel.

Firstly, click on the cell and under the ribbon options, go to the tab ‘Insert’ as demonstrated in the image below: 

Insert Tab

Under the group “Symbols”, you would find two options. Click on the ‘Symbol’ button as shown in the image below:

Symbol Options

The “Symbol” dialog box would pop up on your screen like below:

Symbol Dialog Box

Under the ‘Symbols’ tab of this dialog box, you need to now, select the font as “Verdana” and then, scroll down till you find a degree symbol in the list.

Selecting Font As Verdana

As soon as you see the symbol, select it and double click. As a result, the excel would insert that particular symbol in the selected cell.

Alternatively, you can even select the desired symbol and click on the “Insert” button once to insert a symbol or twice to insert the symbol twice.

Result of Degree Symbol

I generally do not prefer to use this method often, as it is quite long, and searching for the symbols from tons of symbols is irritating.

However, there is a keyboard shortcut for the same.

Insert Degree Symbol in Excel

Insert Degree Symbol in Excel – Keyboard Shortcuts

In this section, we would learn keyboard shortcut to insert a degree symbols in a cell in Excel.

Simply, select the cell where you want to add the degree symbol and press F2 to get into the edit mode of the cell.

Now, press Alt Key on your keyboard followed by 0176 (i.e. Alt + 0176).

Degree Symbol - Keyboard Shortcut

Formula To Insert Degree Symbol in Excel

You can use the CHAR function to return the degree symbol in excel cell.

Enter the following formula for the same :


CHAR Formula Insert Degree Symbol

And press the Enter key on your keyboard. You can see that the degree symbol gets inserted into the cell.

CHAR Formula Result

You can use the CHAR(176) formula in conjunction with the text joining formulas like CONCATENATE or Ampersand or TEXTJOIN to write temperature in Excel.


Refer to the image below to know the result.

Temperature with Degree Symbol Excel

Using Copy and Paste Option :

Alternatively, I have provided you with the degree symbol below. You can simply copy it and then go to the cell in Excel to paste it.


Select the above degree symbol, and use Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut to copy it. Now, go to the excel worksheet, select the destination cell, and press F2 on your keyboard to open the cell in edit mode. Finally use, Ctrl + V to paste it.

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