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NOT Function in Excel – Gives Wrong Logical Value

The Excel NOT Function is a very rarely used excel formula, but it is important to understand how this formula works. The NOT excel formula returns an opposite logical argument for the condition. In this tutorial, we would unlock the following aspects of the Excel NOT formula:

  • What is the Use of NOT Excel Function and Formula
  • NOT Syntax and arguments
  • Examples of NOT function in Excel

So, let us begin ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Purpose and Objective of NOT Excel Function

As mentioned in the introduction, the =NOT() formula in excel is used to get the reverse or opposite logical argument for a condition.

To make it simple, this excel formula converts TRUE to FALSE and FALSE to TRUE. Isn’t it quiet weird !!

Syntax and Argument


The NOT function has only one argument which is-

  • logical – In this argument, specify the logic that you want to evaluate for fulfillment (TRUE or FALSE).

Examples of NOT Formula in Excel

Firstly, let us take one very basic and easy example to understand how the NOT function works in Excel.

We know that mathematically 10+1 is equal to 11. It means, logically 10+1=11 should return TRUE.

However, if you put this argument inside the NOT function, what is your outcome?

Simple Example NOT Function Excel

As a result, you would notice that excel returns FALSE i.e. opposite logical argument. It means this excel formula changes TRUE into FALSE and FALSE into TRUE.

Similarly, if you write 0 as a function input argument, the result would be TRUE. On the other hand, the result would be FALSE for any number other than 0, as shown below:

Using NOT with Numbers

This is so because for excel 0 means FALSE and any other number means TRUE. NOT function makes FALSE to TRUE and TRUE to FALSE.

Infographic - NOT Function Formula in Excel

Practical Usage of Using NOT Function in Excel

Initially, when I came across the =NOT function in excel for the first time, I was literally wondering as to why someone would need this formula.

However, during one of the practical assignment, it was forced to use this formula. Below is the practical scenario of using NOT formula in Excel.

Suppose in a university, the students with grades above 75 do not have to appear for an aptitude test. However, those students scoring below 75 grades need to appear for the aptitude test. In such a case, the NOT function is useful.

Using NOT formula in Practical Scenario

It is pertinent to note that the NOT function is not the only function to use in such scenarios. There are many other such logical excel functions that are useful in checking the conditions in Excel like IF, AND, OR, etc.

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