Link Multiple Pivot Tables to One Slicer in Excel

In the previous blogs, we have learned to create pivot tables and how we can add single and multiple slicers to one pivot table. Slicers are used to filter the data in our pivot table, based on any one field entry from the pivot cache.

Let’s jump to the point now!

There are times when we have multiple pivot tables created to get multiple insights. This happens particularly when we are going to make dashboards from those pivot tables. A Dashboard is a visual representation of data. It is made up of Pivot Charts that pivot tables are a base of.

We have multiple charts and their corresponding pivot tables in a dashboard. A good dashboard must give useful insights, taking less space on our spreadsheet. This is when we link all those pivot tables to one slicer so that when we apply a filter through the slicer, it goes for all pivot tables.

We can also have multiple slicers linked to multiple pivot tables. It is not mandatory to use all the slicers once we link them to the pivot tables/ table. It is completely up to us if we want to use that slicer to apply a filter or we can also clear all the filters applied by that slicer.

infographics link multiple pivot tables to one slicer in excel

Example – Linking Multiple Pivot Tables to One Slicer

Understanding the Source Pivot Tables

We have taken three pivot tables giving us the information about pizza sales as follows:-

exaample to link multiple pivot tables to one slicer in excel
  • PivotTable1 – Number of Pizzas Sold in different months
  • PivotTable2 – Count of different Customer Ratings for different Order Types
  • PivotTable3 – Count of Veg and Non-Veg Pizzas sold on different days of the week

Taking Slicer for one Pivot table

Let us say we want to apply a filter on all these pivot tables. We can use Slicers for this.

  • Click on any cell of PivotTable1 and go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  • Click on Slicer in the Filters Group,
  • Choose the Field on which you want to apply the filter. We are taking Pizza Size.
example to link multiple pivot tables to one slicer in excel step 2

This inserts the slicer for PivotTable1. Moreover, if we use this slicer, a filter to only PivotTable1 will apply.

example to link multiple pivot tables to one slicer in excel step 3

Linking the Slicer to Other Pivot Tables

By now, the slicer is not linked to other pivot tables in the spreadsheet, To make this slicer work for other pivot tables too, simply:-

  • Right Click on the Slicer and choose the option Report Connections.
  • Mark all three pivot tables and click ok.
example to link multiple pivot tables to one slicer in excel step 4

Congratulations! you have successfully linked the slicer to all other pivot tables on the spreadsheet, And now you can use the slicer in your way to getting insights.

Consequently, this brings us to the end of the blog.

Thank you for reading.

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