Assign Macro to Image and CheckBox

In this blog, we are going to learn to assign a macro to objects like an image and a checkbox ( ActiveX Control ) in Excel. So let us begin learning.

Example of Macro

You can use this practice workbook.

We are going to make a macro through the VBA editor. Follow these steps to write a simple VBA code.

  • Hold on to the Alt key and then press the F11 key. Consequently, this opens the VBA editor of excel.
  • Click on the Module button in the Insert tab of the VBA editor. This inserts a new module in the workbook.
inserting a new module in VBA editor
  • Open the code window for module 1. Enter the following piece of code into it.
Sub change_cell_color()
If Range("A1").Interior.Color = vbBlue Then
Range("A1").Interior.Color = vbWhite
Range("A1").Interior.Color = vbBlue
End If
End Sub
writing a macro using VBA editor
  • Close the VBA editor (hold alt and press F4 ).

Running this macro named change_cell_color will change the fill color of cell A1 to Blue and if cell A1 is already blue then it would be toggled back to white fill color. We would now assign macro to image and then to checkbox

infographics assign macro to an image or checkbox in excel

Assigning Macro to Graphic

Now we will assign the above macro to an image. Follow these steps.

  • Move on to the Insert tab on the ribbon. in the Illustrations group, click on the Pictures button.
  • We are now inserting an image from This Device ( Locally from the computer )
assigning macro to an image in excel
  • We have inserted the following image into the workbook as follows. Right Click on the image in the shortcut menu, and click on the Assign Macro option.
assigning macro to an image in excel step 2
  • This opens the Assign Macro dialog box. Select the change_cell_color macro and click Ok.
assigning macro to an image in excel step 3

As a result, when you click on the image multiple times, you see that cell A1 changes its fill color as follows.

assign a macro to an image

Assigning Macro to a Checkbox

We would now use a check box to bold and remove the bold text in cell A1. All you need to do is:-

  • Move to the Developer tab. From the Controls group, click on the Insert button.
  • Select the Checkbox ActiveX control.
assigning macro to a checkbox in excel
  • Drag the mouse pointer in the work area to insert a checkbox. Right-click on the checkbox and click on CheckBox Object–>Edit to change the name of this checkbox to Bold/Unbold.
changing the name of checkbox in excel
  • Make sure to come out of design mode using the developer tab ( when you finish editing the name of Checkbox ).
  • Right-click on the checkbox and click on the View Code option. Enter the following code in the VBA editor.
Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()
If CheckBox1.Value = True Then
Range("A1").Font.Bold = True
Range("A1").Font.Bold = False
End If
End Sub
assigning macro to a checkbox in excel step 3
  • Exit the VBA editor.

Now when you check and uncheck the inserted checkbox, the code will be executed and make our text bold and unbold.

assign a macro to a checkbox

This brings us to an end.

Thank you for reading.

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