MAX Function in Excel – Finding Largest Number

In the previous blog, we learn about the MIN function in excel that returns the smallest number out of a list of numbers. There is another function that returns the largest numerical value called the MAX function in excel.

In this tutorial, we would learn about the MAX formula in excel, along with its syntax, arguments, and examples.

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When to use MAX function

The MAX function in excel finds the maximum number value from the list of numeric values in excel. This function is categorized as a part of the basic statistical functions group.

What Does MAX Function Consider?

The MAX function considers the maximum number, date, time, currency, unit, percentage, and fraction. It also considers values formatted as text.

What does MAX Function Ignore?

The MAX excel formula does not consider excel errors, text strings, and logical values (TRUE and FALSE). These are simply ignored.

Syntax and Arguments


The below points describe the arguments of excel MAX formula:

  • number1– In this argument, specify the number, cell, range of cells, or a named range.
  • [number2] – This is an optional argument.

Note that, the MAX function can accept a maximum of 255 arguments in this function (1 mandatory, and the rest 244 as optional), but not more than that.

Examples of Excel MAX Function

This section of the blog shows how to use the MAX function with the help of some easy-to-understand examples.

Ex. 1 – Using Cell Range as Input Argument – MAX Formula

In the data shown below, let us find the maximum sales achieved by an organization.

Sales Sample Data - MAX Excel Formula

To find the largest sale of the year, enter this formula:


As a result, excel would return 93,487 as the most sales value out of the given values.

Using Excel MAX Function - Find Largest Value

Explanation – Out of the sales of twelve months, May has the maximum sales of 93,487. So this time the formula returns 93,487 as its results.

Let us see another example.

Infographic - MAX Formula Function in Excel

Ex. 2 – Passing Range Containing Blank Cells and Cells Containing Text

In this example, let us take the marks of students with marked absentees and blank cells.

Marks Obtained by Student

To find the maximum marks scored, enter this formula in the cell.


As a result, excel would return the output as 84.

Using MAX Function in Excel

Explanation –The formula ignores two blank cells A3, A7, and the cell containing a text string “absent”. Out of the four cells B2, B5, B6, B8 the cell B5 has the maximum marks scored. So the function returns a value contained in B5 that is 84.

You can pass constants, named ranges to the MAX function the same way we did for the MIN function.

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